Anderson MacGyver’s mission is to support their customers in their transformation to the digital future. A future in which organizations utilize data and technology to create new opportunities, gain competitive advantages, and continuously adapt to an ever-changing society and market. In the role of change agent, we focus on:

Data and technology heavily influence the way organizations operate. New companies with new digital business models are changing the market at rapid speed. Complete ecosystems are transforming. Incumbents are forced to start thinking about the way they will react to these digital developments.

To remain relevant and continue your organization’s digitization, it is very important to be sufficiently agile. Knowledge on products and services, business processes, data and IT must be integrated into a quick-witted and viable organizational form.


High IT-costs, unsatisfying application performance, an IT-landscape that does not meet its purpose, outdated infrastructures, or an ineffective partnership with suppliers. These are just a few examples of the issues that can occur with digital services.

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Anderson MacGyver provides consulting services on the intersection of business and IT since we believe that this is what holds the largest potential benefit for organizations. We help our customers in their search for the optimal solution to their strategic and business challenges that have a significant data and technology component. What we deliver goes beyond advice only, for we also take responsibility for the realisation.

We gained substantial experience through a large number of different projects in numerous industries. A selection of our clients listed here.

Royal Flora Holland
SPIE Netherlands
Arbo Unie
Nauta Dutilh
Hogeschool Utrecht
Vanderlande Industries
Schiphol Telematics
Stichting Nationaal Restauratiefonds
VMI Group


Paul Walter  Head of Information – Port of Rotterdam

“Anderson MacGyver truly collaborates like a partner. Whether we have a small question or a large problem, they are always ‘on call’ with professional people. The joy they have in ‘organizing IT for success’ is contagious and really adds value to our company.”

Gerhard van der Bijl  Chief Digital Officer – Royal FloraHolland

“Because of the changing customer behaviour, increasing market dynamics and permanently developing technology, organizations finds themselves in a continuous flux. Many companies initiate a Digital Transformation, but in my opinion that it not sufficient. Organizations’ strategies must be focussed on developing new business operating models, in which digital technology and data are very important. Anderson MacGyver cooperates in the development of our new business operating model and adds velocity (speed and direction) to the realization of FloraHolland’s digital business strategy. That collaboration is co-creative, and we keep challenging one another on content. This is essential to the achievement of our goals.”

Stefan Bruggeman  General Manager – Adaxio (CMIS Group)

“The Anderson MacGyver team has provided advice and support on the insourcing of our mortgage portfolio in Germany. The focus of this project was not so much the migration itself – it was more about the roadmap to obtain an overarching solution. From collaboratively working out solution scenarios and setting up the business case, to selecting the right IT provider. Their expertise in the field of IT-(cloud)technology and experience in negotiating the contractual obligations with an IT Hosting Provider was of great help to us. The Anderson MacGyver team of specialists is uniquely able to translate the necessities of the operations into pragmatic solutions. It is good to have a partner that stands for collaboration! This was the ultimate example of how a well-composed team of client and supplier can come to an exceptional result.”

Jurian Hermeler  IT Director – NautaDutilh N.V.

“To our unique Silex project, i.e. setting up the connection of advocacy for large businesses with KEI, Anderson MacGyver has delivered exactly what their name already stands for. With vigour, a hands-on attitude and much wit they managed to structure and finish this complex project within the financial and time constraints. An excellent combination of skills in the field of IT, business, sourcing and project management – Bor van Dijk was the valuable allrounder and key player in this success story. Only the duct tape was not used.”


Anderson MacGyver was founded by Gerard Wijers and Rik Bijmholt in 2013 to help organizations to be smarter in the use of technology and data to create more business value with IT. Since 2019 we are also active in The Nordics with an office in Stockholm.

Business and IT can no longer be regarded as separate fields. Having one common vision and strategy with a focus on serving the end user is a necessity to remain relevant in an increasingly digitizing market. Consultancy firms can really add value when the consultants are passionate and authentic in their profession. This is why we spend much time and attention on both the expansion of our professional frameworks as well as the development of our personal skills and the way we collaborate internally. We prefer working in multidisciplinary teams, that make use of our jointly developed concepts and ways of working.

Multimodal approach

An important concept is our ‘multimodal’ approach, in which we use the characteristics of an organization’s business activities to determine the best way organize, select and utilize technology and data.

Operating Model Canvas

We interactively and efficiently map the business activities on our Operating Model Canvas. This Operating Model Canvas creates a strong common vision on:

  • Services and business models
  • Business activities and organization
  • Development of the IT landscape

Anderson MacGyver Academy

From their own academy, Anderson MacGyver maintains close relationships with Utrecht University, TU Delft, Antwerp University, and Nyenrode Business University.

 We create value through IT for our customers by stimulating them to innovate, improving the way they operate and enabling the change they need.

Anderson MacGyver team april 2019


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Anderson MacGyver
Rik Bijmholt

co-founder & director

Anderson MacGyver
Esther Splinter

management consultant

Anderson MacGyver
Patrik Hermansson

director Nordics

Anderson MacGyver
Gerard Wijers

co-founder & director

Anderson MacGyver
Fabian Haijenga

management consultant

Anderson MacGyver
Lisa Folkertsma

management consultant

Anderson MacGyver
Emelie Vall Sandberg

associate director Nordics

Anderson MacGyver
Edwin Wieringa

management consultant

Anderson MacGyver
Bor van Dijk

management consultant

Anderson MacGyver
Onno Wasser

management consultant



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