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Organizing data & technology

Anderson MacGyver supports its customers in finding and creating better ways of organizing technology and data.

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IT decision-making in the boardroom

IT is inextricably part of virtually all business activities and processes in the digital age. In order to make the right tech and data choices at boa…
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Data-driven decision making: HIPPO behaviour or well-founded decisions?

Inclusion of junior managers increases the chances of innovation projects reaching success compared to when senior managers are engaged, according to …
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A digital landscape that makes you smile

Forced to work from home when COVID started, I structured my desk optimally: clean, tidy, ergonomic, and everything I needed within reach. Although my…
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Growing from the core to a digital organization

Digitization of products, services and operations can help organizations achieve double-digit growth. For large companies – from retailers, insuranc…
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Anderson MacGyver

The core purpose of Anderson MacGyver is to harness the unrealized business value for our clients by leveraging the powerful potential of technology & data. We provide strategic advice and guidance to board members and senior management to shape and drive their digital journey.