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Organizing data & technology

Anderson MacGyver supports its customers in finding and creating better ways of organizing technology and data.

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Vision and persistence in a multiple transformation program

How do you give direction to a relatively decentralized company from a central vision? How do you address divergent expectations regarding IT within t…
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Sport article

Video update: Preparation to be succesful!

Lisa Bruijnincx Bart Nieuwenhuijs, newest Anderson MacGyver management consultant and international athlete Lisa Bruijnincx have a digital meet-up and…
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Knowledge article

How to make the optimal choice in the market of IT services

Anyone considering purchasing or developing IT services and products should focus on their own organization and that of the supplier. The starting poi…
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Knowledge article

Digitalization demands a three-pronged approach

Digital technologies are generating all kinds of opportunities in virtually every sector. At the same time, organizations are faced with the challenge…
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Anderson MacGyver

The core purpose of Anderson MacGyver is to harness the unrealized busines value for our clients by leveraging the powerful potential of technology & data. We provide strategic advice and guidance to board members and senior management to shape and drive their digital journey.