Publications Multimodality: business activity model

Multimodality: business activity model

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The characteristics of business activities are decisive in determining the most suitable solutions regarding technology and data. If the characteristics of activities are different, this can result in different solutions for digital technology, the way they are organized and managed, the way they are financed or in a different choice for the most viable options to source them. Sometimes it is necessary to opt for generic solutions available on the market; in other circumstances, when the future of the company needs to be secured, it can be necessary to have specific solutions in an agile setting. Depending on the situation, different requirements are imposed on the technology, the partners to be selected, and the way the organization and management must be set up.

What is this whitepaper about?

In our way of working, we take the characteristics of individual business activities and their specific requirements as a starting point. We use our Business Activity Model to classify the business activities: our MultiModal analysis of business activities. In this white paper, we explain the Business Activity Model. The model is based on our practice over the past 8 years and has been widely applied to design tech and data organizations, governance of tech and data, in supplier selection, enterprise architecture and application rationalization. The model has been improved over time based on learning and feedback from our client assignments and scientific research.

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This white paper presents the Business Activity Model, consisting of two dimensions that determine the modality of any business activity. Find out about:

  • The Business Activity model and its application
  • The impact of globalization on business activities
  • The concept of multimodality and its related model and quadrants
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