Client cases Digitizing the judicial system with NautaDutilh and partners

Digitizing the judicial system with NautaDutilh and partners

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NautaDutilh is an international law firm practicing Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourg law with offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, as well as in London and New York. With more than 400 lawyers, notaries and tax advisers, they are one of the largest law firms in the Benelux region. With the ultimate  goal of realizing online legal proceedings, NautaDultilh set out to create “Silex” – a partnership of competing law firms for digital exchange of legal documents.


NautaDutilh looked for a partner to create a technical foundation and sourcing strategy for their innovative partnership ‘Silex’.

  • How do we create an IT architecture that allows us to exchange legal information externally?
  • How do we select the right partner to build and invest in a software solution?
  • How can this partner support us in managing the development project?


Anderson MacGyver helped NautaDutilh develop a novel architecture and sourcing approach by combining our experts’ skills in various fields.

  • Develop IT architecture, connecting external partners and competitors
  • Create a sourcing approach for development of software
  • Oversee execution of the project together with Silex team members


NautaDutilh was able to create  an innovative market solution thanks to a solid foundation, transforming the judicial system.

  • Launch of successful proof of concept
  • Selection of development partner
  • Guaranteed investment of partners

Anderson MacGyver has the rare capacity to combine skills in sourcing, Agile, technology, procurement, project portfolio management and architecture.

Jurian Hermeler, Director Innovation & ICT NautaDutilh
CLIENTNautaDulith / Silex
INDUSTRYProfessional Services & Media
REVENUE€171 million (2019)
WORKFORCE400+ (2019)
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