Too high costs and many inefficiencies

Are you facing high costs and operational inefficiencies? You are not the exception. In fact, most boardrooms are struggling to identify what the actual cost of tech is and how tech is related to its specific value for the organization. If you want to simplify matters and standardize the backbone, you need to ‘sort out the mess’. But how? Our advice, based on countless cases: go back to the brutal facts and understand the mechanisms behind IT costs in relation to business value. Continue reading below to understand how we can help you.


We believe that this challenge is of such high significance, that we’ve developed a broadly tested and proven method to ‘sort out the mess’.

To uncover the brutal facts and gain control, we collaboratively create a heatmap of cost efficiency indicators by business domain (see image for an example). We highlight the areas with the greatest potential for improvement and aim to simplify and standardize the operational backbone of your organization.

Relevant to know: over the years, we’ve gathered and implemented cross-industry references and incorporated them into this approach to make it even more impactful. You will directly benefit because you can draw from the experience and knowledge from other fields. Other customers find this very insightful, refreshing and it speeds up the process and effectiveness significantly.

Before we continue! It’s more fun to discuss this in the context of your organization and feel the power of the approach through our passionate people. You can skip the read and talk directly to one of our professionals and let them explain how we unveil the brutal facts of your organization and get you back in control. Please don’t hesitate and send a quick message to Edwin, Robert, or Onno.  

Ok, let’s continue with our approach

Our approach

Set the direction 

The characteristics of business activities are decisive in determining the most suitable solutions regarding technology and data. In other words: modality of a business domain matters! Together we determine the extent to which a specific business domain has a differentiating impact in the market and on the organization itself. Then we use proven data gathering tooling to inventory capacity and costs and assign them to domains on the Operating Model Canvas. This multimodal perspective on your business operations sets the direction for cost efficiency. 

Typical output: ​ 

  • Operating model canvas with multimodalities and cost layer​ 
  • (cross) industry references​ 
Design the solution

Design the solution

With the generated insight we develop scenarios. This includes a roadmap for realization, looking at the level of savings to be achieved in relation to the lead time. In addition, we can provide insight into the efficiency of the tech and data organization itself – based on a multimodal sizing methodology. 

Typical output: 

  • Tech & Organization realization roadmap​ 
  • Tech & Data sizing reference​ 
Implement the change

Implement the change

Often it starts with low hanging fruit like vendor management cost cutting, reducing vendor longtail and strict portfolio management. At the same time other efficiency projects can start: reducing the flex shell, decommissioning, application rationalization, sourcing, etc.. It all depends on the necessity of efficiency relative to value generation. 

Typical output:​ 

  • Implemented cost monitoring tool, management and control mechanism

Our professionals can’t wait to hear about the context of your challenge, and to discuss your digital ambitions.

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