Client cases An actionable IT strategy for Nederlandse Spoorwegen

An actionable IT strategy for Nederlandse Spoorwegen

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Nederlandse Spoorwegen NV (NS) is the largest railway company in the Netherlands. On average, NS transports 1.1 million passengers a day. The mobility market is changing rapidly, in terms of customer behavior, new entrants and diversification of customer channels. NS is therefore transforming from a train company to a mobility provider, with rail transport being part of their offerings. To make this transformation possible, a versatile organization in terms of IT and human resources is essential.


In 2020 NS merged its Business and IT departments into the ComIT department, so business and IT could achieve accelerated output in an agile way. The new organization encountered limitations in the IT landscape, preventing swift, versatile business support, leading to following questions.

• Develop a concise, actionable IT Strategy supporting NS ambitions
• How to migrate legacy and fragmented system solutions into a coherent IT landscape
• How to smartly match human capital and IT to the right delivery teams
• Support major market developments as Mobility-as-a-Service and Door-to-Door mobility
• Facilitate collaboration with many more external parties
• Foundation for migration from OV-chipcard to OV-pay


The massive challenge, both internal (legacy, fragmented IT) and external (rapidly changing market conditions) required a structured approach, in close collaboration with NS-teams.

• Based on the ‘as-is’ situation we developed an Operating Model Canvas (OMC), with application landscape plotted as an overlay on the OMC
Multimodality analysis was carried out, classifing the business activities and technology according to modality
• The insights that followed were incorporated into the ‘to-be’ situation
• Subsequently the IT Strategy was designed in conjunction with a structured roadmap


The delivered IT Strategy, as part of the over-all NS ambitions, enabled the organisation to execute the IT Transformation and master it.

• Actionable strategy and roadmap
• Common understanding on connection between business and IT initiatives
• Transformation starting on the Core-systems
• Followed by application and engagement layers
• Defining the sourcing strategy

Our IT Strategy is the foundation of our digital ambitions. It should swiftly and versatile support our commercial offerings in the rapidly changing mobility marketspace

Ivo Steffens, Director Commerce & IT
CLIENTNederlandse Spoorwegen NV
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