Client cases Restructuring IT of non-profit Nationaal Restauratiefonds

Restructuring IT of non-profit Nationaal Restauratiefonds

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Nationaal Restauratiefonds is a non-profit organization that supports owners in preserving buildings with monumental value. In their journey of instigating an independent set-up of data and technology, Nationaal Restauratiefond was in search of a proper IT organization design, a fit for purpose IT landscape and up-to-date platforms.


Nationaal Restauratiefonds needed a partner to help restructure their IT strategy and guiding principles, set up a modern IT organization and select best fit platforms.

  • How do we organize decision-making in collaboration vs. independence per required IT service or platform?
  • How do we organize IT to service our clients most effectively and efficiently?
  • How do we update our core IT infrastructure, balancing automation and customization?
  • How do we integrate the services of our external Shared Service Center?


Anderson MacGyver helped Nationaal Restauratie-fonds to create a shared vision on IT, restructure their organization and select a long-term IT partner.

  • Investigate the options for sharing IT services vs. organizing IT independently
  • Set up the IT architecture and designing a roadmap
  • Both qualitatively and financially substantiate the decision to renew the IT landscape
  • Restructure the IT organization
  • Design the blueprint for integrating SSC
  • Select a platform and contract the new IT partner


The IT of Nationaal Restauratiefonds has been completely restructured, preparing the organization to be fit for future in achieving core business ambitions.

  • Clear vision and guiding principles for an independent IT organization and standard platform strategy in terms of choices in IT
  • Balanced automation and customization
  • Future-proof IT organization

Anderson MacGyver proved invaluable during the contracting of our new IT supplier.

Dirk Oostenbrug, Transition Manager Nationaal Restauratiefonds
CLIENTNationaal Restauratiefonds
INDUSTRYFinancial Services
WORKFORCE60~ (2019)
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