Client cases Digitizing Arbo Unie services to work in a safe, healthy and productive way

Digitizing Arbo Unie services to work in a safe, healthy and productive way

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Arbo Unie is an occupational health organization that helps people work in a safe, healthy and productive way, to enable them to make the most of their potential. Arbo Unie assists organizations in the Netherlands that share this philosophy, currently supporting more than 1.2 million employees at more than 12,000 organizations. Changes in demographics and customer demand, and a growing gap between supply and demand forced Arbo Unie to digitize their service offerings.


Arbo Unie needed a partner to guide them in their digital transformation journey to deliver new digital health services while ensuring continuity.

  • What is the best way to modernize our current IT landscape to be able to deliver new digital healthcare services as an occupational health organization?
  • How do we select and contract the right IT service provider to establish a good collaboration despite bad past experiences from the past?
  • What are the financial and non-financial risks that could occur and what are the necessary measures to be taken?
  • How to create a shared vision for this strategic program to modernize the core and develop client and customer portal in the Supervisory Board?


Anderson MacGyver supported Arbo Unie with selecting and contracting of IT market services and executing the IT strategic program.

  • Define a strategy to modernize the IT-landscape to deliver digital healthcare services
  • Contract the IT market services to modernize the landscape and host the core system and portal services based on a SLA
  • Design a release roadmap and manage requirements with a focus on business value
  • Migrate the datacentre with replatforming and public cloud integration for the new portals
  • Manage the program of developing software, testing and releasing, and governing the IT partner.
  • Transfer from program to a DevOps organization for continuous delivery


Arbo Unie now has a modernized core and portal to provide digital health care services for their clients  and the IT service provider is governed.

  • Committed Arbo Unie organization and external IT service provider to realize this strategic program in an innovative and controlled manner
  • Data centre migration without any interruption of service for the healthcare services
  • Modernized core system supporting innovative electronic messaging with client HRM solutions
  • Cloud-based customer portal and app to create an entirely new digital service experience

Digital Board-level savviness must be guaranteed in organizations and the Supervisory Board should pay close attention to this.

Lisette van Breugel – COO Arbo Unie

INDUSTRYPublic, Healthcare & Other
REVENUE€ 96 million (2019)
WORKFORCE~700  (2020)

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