Client cases Enabling Eneco’s energy transition with a modern business technology organization

Enabling Eneco’s energy transition with a modern business technology organization

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Eneco is a leader in the energy transition, both in Belgium and in the Netherlands. Eneco works together with millions of consumers and many companies. To lead the way in the energy transition, Eneco set out to transform their business organization several years ago. For this to succeed, Eneco needed to harmonize their fragmented IT organization and landscape.


Eneco asked for our support in harmonizing the IT organization and landscape.

  • How do we harmonize the governance of our fragmented IT organization, across multiple countries?
  • How do we improve our sourcing strategy, working with numerous solutions and suppliers?
  • How do we organize niche IT capabilities (e.g. IoT) ?
  • How do we organize IT and Data to support our next step in the energy transition, allowing for more personalized products & services?


Anderson MacGyver supports Eneco in building a modern business technology organization.

  • Design of multimodal IT and Data organization, including sizing and job descriptions
  • Set up project organization for commercial IT
  • Set up of new IT portfolio board
  • Design of governance and control mechanisms
  • Offer guidance in transition and implementation (e.g. works council)
  • Optimize partner & contract management
  • Design future enterprise & solution architecture (based on operating model canvas)


Eneco leads the way in the energy transition, enabling the creation of new products and services.

  • More efficient IT organization (staff reduction)
  • Less issues due to integrated, international governance on portfolio
  • Strong application rationalization
  • Simplified supplier landscape
  • Strong foundation of data landscape, enabling company-wide customer insights
  • Laid groundwork for commerce IT; more personalization and new service offerings

Anderson MacGyver has helped us with translating business goals to a transition of IT, among which IT portfolio management, enterprise architecture and data.

Mario Suykerbuyk, CIO Eneco
INDUSTRYEnergy and Natural Resources
REVENUE€4.332 million (2019)
WORKFORCE5000~ (2019)
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