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LIMITLESS – not an IT podcast


Limitless is not an IT podcast. It is frank talk between Jonathan Groubert, the digital gurus of Anderson MacGyver and extraordinary businesses and stakeholders about how you can transform your operations and truly go digital. We also get top athletes to tell us why the world of competitive sport and digital business, have a lot in common. It is limitless, a podcast that is totally not only about IT.

The vision

Every digital transformation has challenges, but in business we only talk about success. In sports overcoming challenges is what defines success,  as athletes share and learn from this. Let’s approach digital transformation the athlete’s way,  by learning from the challenges we overcome.

The concept

Limitless is a thematic podcast series of Anderson MacGyver. Digital leaders openly talk about how they pushed through personal, social and organizational barriers to achieve digital transformation succes. The goal is to inspire business decision-makers on how to overcome inevitable challenges in digital transformation, to ultimately create value for their business.

The format

In each episode of 20-30 minutes our listeners join our business savvy host and digital leaders in an inspirational conversation about a key theme that defines success in digital transformation … and the challenges you encounter around this theme.






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The host

Jonathan Groubert

  • Jonathan is an award-winning international journalist, trainer and was one of Europe’s first podcasters.
  • These days he makes branded podcasts for the likes of BNR Nieuwsradio and KLM.
  • Jonathan is former host of the internationally lauded public radio show “The State We’re In” first from Radio Netherlands and then for WBEZ Chicago Public Media.
  • An expert interviewer, Jonathan helped coined the term “talkumentary” in which interview and narrative combine to tell truly powerful stories


  • Each podcast episode is a lively discussion between two guests
  • The guests are established leaders in the field of digital transformation
  • The guests have a proven digital and data track record and personal experience with the central theme of the episode
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