A complex legacy IT landscape and technical debt

Is your organization burdened by a complex legacy IT landscape and escalating technical debt? You’re not alone. A whopping majority of C-suite executives acknowledge that outdated systems hinder the adoption of new technologies and make IT functions less responsive to market changes. Continue reading to see how we can help.


Many organizations are modernizing their IT landscape to address several critical issues. Legacy systems often lead to increased development time, higher maintenance costs, and reduced software quality. Additionally, these outdated systems can stifle innovation and adaptability in the market, pose security risks, and make it challenging to find skilled personnel for support. As a result, modernization is seen as essential for improving efficiency and competitiveness. 

We tackle challenges head-on with our proven approach, designed to modernize your systems efficiently and cost-effectively. So, let’s transform your technical liabilities into strategic assets, propelling your organization towards digital innovation and market leadership! 

Before we continue! It’s more fun to discuss this in the context of your organization and feel the power of the approach through our passionate people. You can skip the read and talk directly to one of our professionals if you want to discuss your challenge immediately. Please don’t hesitate and send a quick message to Onno, Erwin, Robert, or Joost.   

Ok, let’s continue with our approach!

A puzzle of a complex legacy IT landscape and technical debt

Our approach

Set the direction

Set the direction

We begin by mapping your entire IT landscape. Recognizing that everything is interconnected allows us to assess the business impact of technical debt and identify investment opportunities to alleviate it. Our co-creation approach involves extensive business involvement, ensuring solutions that align with your unique features, competitive advantages and organizational goals. 

Typical output ​ 

Design the solution

Design the solution

We recognize 7 strategies to phase out legacy systems, ranging from elimination to complete redesign. We tailor a roadmap with a robust investment analysis and an implementation strategy, ensuring a future-proof tech landscape and selecting solutions that match the nature of your business activities. 

Typical output​ 

  • Phase out roadmap for legacy systems​ 
  • Future proof tech and data landscape design​ 
  • Application rationalization roadmap​ 
  • Business Technology Organization design
Implement the change

Implement the change

We select and contract fit for purpose solutions and service providers in close collaboration with key stakeholders of the organization. We support the implementation through hands-on project/program management. During this process it’s important to stay calm and focused. Our experienced people help your organization to keep all eyes on the goal: a clear target architecture! 

Typical output​ 

  • Fit for purpose solutions and service providers selection & contracting​ 
  • (Rationalization) roadmap execution​ 
  • Implementation support & program management​ 
  • Supplier Governance secured​ 

Our professionals can’t wait to hear about the context of your challenge, and to discuss your digital ambitions.

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