Technology and partners

We design and implement future proof technology and data landscapes, and select the optimal fit-for-purpose sourcing of solutions and preferred partners.

High IT-costs, unsatisfying application performance, an IT-landscape that does not meet its purpose, outdated infrastructures, or an ineffective partnership with suppliers. All examples of the issues that can occur with digital services.

Anderson MacGyver supports clients with the identification and realization of solutions for great digital services. Based on the multimodal approach the solutions that can fulfil the need of the business activities are identified and all required stakeholders are involved. Selecting and contracting of data and technologies solutions and service partners to realize the future digital landscape is part of that solution.

We design and implement solutions for digital services through various approaches. Below we describe a selection of our key approaches.

Define your sourcing strategy

A crucial part of having fit for purpose solutions and partners, is having the right sourcing strategy. We analyse your sourcing context, looking at relevant business activities, technology services, market trends, current capabilities and existing cost structure and contracts. We define a sourcing model, including sourcing drivers and objectives, as well as service delivery options. After refining the impact and implementation roadmap the sourcing strategy is ready for execution.

Rationalize your application landscape

Another important part of having fit for purpose solutions, is identifying applications that should be retained, replaced, retired or consolidated. We start this application rationalization process by analysing your business activities and current application landscape. We follow up by determining the compliancy, value, technology and financial characteristics of applications. This allows us to define the rationalization methods and validate any proposed changes with stakeholders. We finalise our efforts by building the business case for rationalization and developing the rationalization roadmap.

Selection and contract market services

A crucial elemental of your sourcing strategy is selecting and contracting IT suppliers and business solutions. After initial scoping, we qualify suppliers and prepare a long-list based on certain specifications, use cases and user stories. Based on supplier visits and demos of the solutions we narrow down the list. Sensing a cultural fit here is very important here. We prepare a RfP, organize in-depth sessions and visit references allowing you to select a final supplier. Finally, we negotiate and reach a final agreement with the preferred supplier.

Implement core business solutions

At the core of your application landscape we find your (ERP) business solution. We support you during the entire process of implementation. This begins with developing a proof of concept. We then move towards implementing and migrating towards the new business solution. During this entire project we support with setting up solution maintenance; training IT staff and developing manuals. After go-live we assist through after care and operational support.

Anderson MacGyver

The core purpose of Anderson MacGyver is to harness the unrealized business value for our clients by leveraging the powerful potential of technology & data. We provide strategic advice and guidance to board members and senior management to shape and drive their digital journey.