Publications Fit-For-Future technology landscape doesn’t start with technology

Fit-For-Future technology landscape doesn’t start with technology

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Everyone knows that business activities and the technology landscape are inextricably linked. The rapidly changing economic and social dynamics can lead to a less well-suited technology landscape. To make the technology landscape ‘fit for future’, modern, future-proof and aligned with the business strategy, a holistic vision of the future with a corresponding roadmap is required.

What is this theme paper about?

You want to start making your technology landscape future-proof, in other words ‘fit-for-future’. But one thing is certain, an old ERP or other IT systems are ideally not the starting point in the journey to a future-proof landscape. So, where do you start? And how does this work in real-life? Read this theme paper. We hope to inspire you.

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What can you expect in this theme paper?

  • Useful tools, models and approaches
  • Three customer experiences from last years
  • Tips from our experts on what to look out for
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