Data to Value

Anderson MacGyver believes that data-driven business​ value is achieved by enriching your business strategy with your data vision and organizing your data value delivery and foundation capabilities for rapid innovation with data​.

Data is changing the world and the way we do business at an unprecedented way. The unexplored value of data is on the board agenda of many enterprises and has an huge impact on business models and how technology is organized. AT the same time the technologies, vendors and licencing models are rapidly changing and are difficult to place in perpective. 

Anderson MacGyver supports clients with the identification of the value that data have to offer, develop a clear datastrategy and implementing this strategy throughout the organization. Based on the multimodal approach the solutions that can fulfil the need of the business activities are identified and all required stakeholders are involved. Selecting and contracting of data solutions and service partners to realize the future digital landscape is part of that solution. 

We design and implement solutions for digital services through various approaches. Below we describe a selection of our key approaches. 

Define your Data Strategy

Anderson MacGyver works with you to define your Data Vision and strategy by discovering and defining the value of data for your organization, embedding this Data Vision in your digital business strategy and by organizing the journey towards more data-driven business value. We are able to balance between the abstracts of a business driven data strategy and a more practical roadmap approach that defines what to do first.​

Design and create your Data Value Delivery

Within the journey towards more data-driven business value, Anderson MacGyver distinguishes two key groups of capabilities; the Data Foundation and Data Value Delivery. The Data Foundation covers the elements of your data capability that are required to enable continuous Data Value Delivery such as Data Governance, Data Quality, Data security, privacy and ethics, Data Architecture and Data Platforms. The Data Value Delivery capabilities such as Data modelling, Data Integration, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics & Data Science build on this Data Foundation to produce data products that deliver value to organization.​ In the rapidly changing environment of data we can help you to set up and organize your change program to realize your data strategy.

Selection and contracting Data capabilities

A crucial elemental of your sourcing strategy is selecting and contracting Data technology suppliers and business solutions. After initial scoping, we qualify suppliers and prepare a long-list based on certain specifications, use cases and user stories. Based on supplier visits and demos of the solutions we narrow down the list. Sensing a cultural fit here is very important here. We prepare a RfP, organize in-depth sessions and visit references allowing you to select a final supplier. Finally, we negotiate and reach a final agreement with the preferred supplier.

Anderson MacGyver

The core purpose of Anderson MacGyver is to harness the unrealized business value for our clients by leveraging the powerful potential of technology & data. We provide strategic advice and guidance to board members and senior management to shape and drive their digital journey.