Client cases Implementing CRM in globally to provide 360° customer view for Scania

Implementing CRM in globally to provide 360° customer view for Scania

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Scania is a leading automotive manufacturer specializing in transport solutions and service their customers. Scania wants to be more successful in realizing its ambitions by improving on agile delivery, product vision and ownership through relaunching their SCRM system. The program is a combination of technical & data and business-related topics.​


Scania aims to be more successful in achieving its ambitions by improving flexible delivery, product vision, and ownership through the relaunch of the Scania CRM system. Anderson MacGyver has been asked to support the implementation program for this.
  • How do we deliver the CRM-product which fits the needs of all the markets and providing a 360° view on stakeholders?
  • How to coordinate stakeholder with different prioritizations and create the program structure/governance to get progress in the program, both technically & business-wise?
  • How do we develop relationship with the different markets to understand their business needs and convert them to use cases for the bass of making MPV’S?
  • How to collaborate with the markets and sales departments to define a new WoW and achieve tangible business results?
  • Ensuring that the adoption and feedback loops are effective in practice


Anderson MacGyver has taken on various roles in the program and has implemented the following principles.
  • Experience, templates and tooling to drive the program effectively. 
  • Set-up Product Vision to guide the CRM product in the complexity of a globl organization which is transforming to selling both online and offline.
  • Drive decision making to management to support the strategic goals of Scania (and its markets).
  • Enable platform-based enterprise architecture and decision making.
  • Simultaneous execution of use cases while building up teams and technology.
  • Providing and receiving sales relevant data as part of the eco system, leveraring data mesh principles and delivering data products. 


Successful implementation of the Scania CRM-system.
  • Delivery teams are delivering on the promise of the Product Vision for CRM.
  • Markets see central CRM as an enabler instead of a bottleneck
  • Relationships with markets have improved significant. 
  • One vision and strategy on customer data globally (in close coordination with other departments).
  • Platform integration across all markets.

We have benefited greatly from the help of Anderson MacGyver. Cliff and his team have provided real breakthroughs​

Jon Månson,​ Director Sales Digitalization
LOCATIONSE (HQ), +100 countries worldwide
Revenue170 billion SEK
WORKFORCE56.927 (2022)​
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