Publications LIMITLESS – a driving success

LIMITLESS – a driving success


“You need to make it happen!” Standing still is not an option if you want to make your company resilient and future-proof. Our guest Michel Alsemgeest, CIO & CDO of European company LeasePlan, drives the digital transformation with the help of technology. Speaking the same language is crucial when you’re operating in 30+ countries. But how do you do that? Find out with our host Jonathan Groubert, co-host Joachim Vandecasteele and national short track coach Jeroen Otter. 

Always ready for that next step

As they say in sports: talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships. The same is true in business. Digital transformations are only successful if they are supported by everyone involved. It is the job of a CIO to deeply understand and showcase the company’s digital strategy and vision. It is a matter of repeating it daily until people internalize it – and even wish to accelerate the pace of the transformation. Of course, you need to take into account differences between countries and regions. Not just in terms of the actual language, but also in terms of capacity and technology level. What is each country’s starting point? And what does it take to reach the next step? Only then can you move forward as a whole.

The guests

  • Michel Alsemgeest is CIO & CDO of European company LeasePlan. The company operates in 30+ countries. Michel Alsemgeest makes sure everyone speaks the same language and keeps the digital transformation going.
  • Joachim Vandecasteele is Management Consultant at Anderson MacGyver. An expert in digital transformations, he advised LeasePlan to harmonize the organization’s technology and software.
  • Jeroen Otter is former world champion short track and coach of the current Dutch national team. As a coach he makes sure nothing gets lost in translation.
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