Publications LIMITLESS – the digital future is green

LIMITLESS – the digital future is green


“Sometimes you need to harden the egg and sometimes you need to soften the potato with the same boiling water.” It takes courage to be a leader in digital transformation. Our guest Ingo Paas, CIO of Swedish railway company Green Cargo, tells you how he steers his company towards a digital future… and also make it greener than green. Overcoming personal challenges has helped him take professional risks and responsibility. Find out more with our host Jonathan Groubert, co-host Patrik Hermansson and national short track coach Jeroen Otter. 

Overcoming hurdles and staying on track

The future is both green and digital. Those two even go hand in hand. But how do you get there as a company? Turns out it is all about asking the right questions. It is not so much about the ‘how’, but more about the ‘why’. Motivation and inspiration are key indicators for this. Both in business and in sports. It is easy to get sidetracked in this world full of happenings, but it is important to stay on track. Towards that digital future. Or, like a sportsman would put it: always keep your eyes on the prize.

The guests

  • Ingo Paas is CIO of Green Cargo, a Swedish railway company. He is a risk-taker at heart. With that attitude he steers business in the right direction. Furthermore, overcoming personal challenges has taught him how to deal with crises and to never give up when you are committed to something – like transforming the mainframe of your company.
  • Jeroen Otter is former world champion short track and coach of the current Dutch national team. As a coach he makes sure that the whole team is committed to the same idea. Motivation, inspiration and communication are key. And… he always kees his eyes on the prize.
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