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LIMITLESS – Talking Transformation


“Be prepared to renovate your core, be ready for the future and innovate!” In this episode of Limitless we sail into the world of digitalization. Our guest Wim Beukers, CEO of Allinq, tells you how he digitalizes Allinq and how it saves money and… the earth! Find out together with our host Jonathan Groubert, co-host Rik Bijmholt, and national short track coach Jeroen Otter, who uses digitalization to go for Olympic gold.

The challenge: constant innovation to stay ahead

The future is digital. Creating a digital transformation in an organization is not without its challenges, however. It all starts with ambition and ideas. But how do you go from there? How do you make sure the whole team and organization is moving forward in the same direction? The decisions you take today, need to be sustainable for the years to come. Innovation and digitalization are two sides of the same coin. Both are crucial and will only work if the basics are in order. This goes both for business and sports. Find out in the podcast what we can learn from both worlds.

The guests

  • Wim Beukers is CEO of Allinq, a major contractor for Dutch telecom providers. He knows everything there is about telecom infrastructure… and sailing. What can this sport teach you about digital transformation? Turns out it is all about creating the right flow in your organization.
  • Jeroen Otter is former world champion short track and coach of the current Dutch national team. Technology has become indispensable to top sport. Athletes need to put effort into the digital world available to them. Jeroen Otter talks about how he is always on the move to create new ideas.
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