Publications LIMITLESS – a blooming business

LIMITLESS – a blooming business


“You need to catch the right wave.” Being a digital transformer can sometimes be lonely. Our guests Michel van Hout, CIO of Dutch Flower Group, and Martin de Ruiter, program manager at Royal FloraHolland, have helped transform the traditional flower market into a modern one. This takes determination and guts… and is also a matter of timing. Find out more with our host Jonathan Groubert, co-host Rik Bijmholt and national short track coach Jeroen Otter. 

Creating the right path for success

Transforming companies is not easy. You are changing the heart of a company, after all. Not everybody is a fan of that, certainly in more traditional markets where there is a lot at stake. The flower market is a prime example of that. Dutch companies dominate the world flower market. Digitalization can help these companies retain their postion. But how do you do that? It is all about creating the right flow! This is true in business as much as it is in sports. You know you are on the right track once everyone starts speaking the same (digital) language.

The guests

  • Michel van Hout is CIO of the Dutch Flower Group. He has accelerated the digitalization within the company. That is not always an easy task, but he is well prepared. Like the anthem from his favourite football club says: he will survive.
  • Martin de Ruiter is program manager at Royal FloraHolland. Apart from that, he is also a keen kiteboarder and sailor. This has taught him all about finding the right flow – both on the water and in digitally transforming companies.
  • Jeroen Otter is former world champion short track and coach of the current Dutch national team. As a coach he makes sure that everyone speaks the same (digital) language.
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