Publications ‘Growth and development from core values’

‘Growth and development from core values’

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David Jongste was recently appointed as Director Benelux within Anderson MacGyver. The career move of the consultant, who has been with the consulting firm since 2014, is related to further international expansion and development of Anderson MacGyver. With offices in Germany and Sweden, Anderson MacGyver now operates on based on a regional structure. In addition to his consulting work, Jongste had been in charge of marketing and sales for some time.  

The new structure comes with greater autonomy for the three European regions and will make it easier for Anderson MacGyver to scale up. Founders Gerard Wijers and Rik Bijmholt can now focus on the big picture, while the countries can manage their own growth and development. “In doing so, our consultants will be supported more than ever from the central vision in applying Anderson MacGyver’s concepts, models and ways of working,” Jongste states. ” Our consulting experience will be anchored even more firmly.”  

Jongste emphasizes that his appointment as leader of the Benelux organization will not lead to a change in direction. “We are successful as Anderson MacGyver because of a recognizable vision and approach that is proven in practice. Our familial, people- and content-driven culture is experienced as particularly enjoyable by clients and employees. So we’re not going to change that – rather, we’re going to develop it even further.”  


Characteristically, Anderson MacGyver approaches digital transformations at clients from a holistic perspective, incorporating business activities, organization, architecture, IT and data. In addition to custom consultancy, the international consulting firm works to “productize” intellectual property. This includes the development of INOX, specific software tooling that enables clients to perpetuate the digital course they have set. For the latter, they are working with external partners.  

According to David Jongste, internationalization has a favorable effect on thought leadership and thus customer support. “By applying our models in diverse cultural and economic settings, our approach becomes increasingly powerful, rich and resilient. The same goes for our people. At the same time, we will always adhere to core values as a technology-driven people company: passionate, authentic, impactful within a family-like atmosphere.”  

Ground for impact

Goals of Anderson MacGyver are developing people and intellectual property, growing the team of consultants. “This provides the ground for new energy, insights and impact with clients. We support organizations in their goals: improving customer service, enabling other ways of working, developing and launching products.”  

Anderson MacGyver often faces complex issues at the organizations it serves. “It’s mostly about getting to the bottom of things, breaking patterns and bringing people together,” said the new Director Benelux. “When we succeed in doing that, we make that substantial, impactful contribution.”  

The ambition is for Anderson MacGyver to be at the top internationally in terms of name and impact by 2030. “That ambition is mainly about the road to it and the people with whom we make that journey. Working together, experiencing interesting things. Overcoming difficult moments by reflecting together on what we do, how we can turn things around. But also by forming teams around our clients and really doing it together, co-creating and celebrating successes.”  

Creating space for new insights and further development

David Jongste – Director Benelux and Management Consultant by Anderson MacGyver


To this end, David Jongste brings a combination of talents and experiences: consultant, information manager, team leader, business administrator – sensitive to atmosphere and sentiment. “I do the things that suit me and what I stand for. As Director Benelux, I get to contribute to keeping our foundation in order. In doing so, we create room for new insights and further development. All from my and our core values.”  

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