“The challenge of finding the true value of IT lies in the bridges that need to be built between business and IT.“


Ton Masselink

Management Consultant

Ton is a driven consultant who aims to achieve the best results for the customer with a fresh outlook on IT, business, and the world. After receiving his bachelor’s in business administration, Ton realised he wanted to focus on his passion for IT. He therefore graduated from Utrecht University with a master’s in Business Informatics, which united his passion for business and IT. By solving IT-related problems from a business perspective, his interest for the role of consultant grew, and he realised he wanted to help organisations making IT understandable.

Ton focuses on the core problem and approaches it with pragmatic attitude. He gets energized by bringing business and IT closer together; two words who do not always understand each other but are dependent on one another. Only by making business and IT work together, IT can deliver value to the business and the customer can take full advantage of her digital aspects.

Ton is client-oriented, eager to learn, flexible, and loves a good challenge.

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