Martijn Heemskerk

Management Consultant

Martijn, nick name ‘Tino’,  is an experienced professional with a track record as director, (interim) manager, consultant and trainer / coach in the field of business transformation / digital transformation.

In his > 25 years of experience, he has carried out assignments within numerous markets and (international) organizations. If the situation requires it, he takes on various roles: from ‘initiator’ for developing strategy and vision, via ‘designer’ for setting up organizations (people and resources) to ‘finisher’ for completing assignments down to the last detail. He communicates naturally with all levels of an organization, motivating when possible, adjusting when necessary.

Martijn is pragmatic, resourceful, creative, connecting and a team player. Listen also to his 10 audio snacks (10 to 15-minute podcasts) on the topic of “Organizational Improvement / (Digital) Business Transformation / Strategy to Execution” (2021) (in Dutch)

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