Publications Lisa Bruijnincx video update: The Power of Data

Lisa Bruijnincx video update: The Power of Data

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Lisa Bruijnincx

The worlds of business and sports are more alike than you might think. Both are characterized by that continual search for improvement, innovation and excellency. Anderson MacGyver believes that the future is digital. Professional athletes inspire us to always be ready for that next step and create a digital transformation for our clients. That is why Anderson MacGyver is teaming up with Dutch row star Lisa Bruijnincx. We support Lisa in her journey towards the international top. Follow our updates on here to stay informed about this exciting collaboration, as Lisa rows towards her ultimate goal: the Olympic Games in Paris. 

Update: the Power of Data

Joost Doesburg, management consultant at Anderson MacGyver, meets up with international athlete Lisa Bruijnincx at the Anderson MacGyver headquarters to discuss the topic of data. Data has become a crucial aspect of sports and also comes in handy for the amateur. Getting insight into their daily activities helps the both of them to stay fit, especially during lockdown.

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