Publications Digital business monitor: Challenges of digital leaders

Digital business monitor: Challenges of digital leaders

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Last year, our Digital Business Monitor surveyed digital leaders to understand their strategic decisions on technology and data. We found varying levels of digital integration in organizations: some use technology and data to support the business, while others have digital ingrained in their operations and is thus an integral part of doing business. In the latter the business is digital minded and collaborate with tech and data experts in multidisciplinary teams to drive value. 

Challenges of digital leaders
Top digital challenges cited by all leaders were complex legacy systems and business-technology collaboration. But differences between our groups also emerged: “supporting the business” organizations faced digital talent shortages and lack of digital savvy leadership, possibly due to a preference for digitally-driven companies. Meanwhile, “doing digital business” leaders encountered issues with poor data quality, suggesting a heightened need for effective data management amidst intensified collaboration with business (and even partners) to deliver value. 

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This year, we would like to do the study again and invite digital leaders to participate in the Digital Business Monitor 2024. 
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