“Think big. Implement small“


Rick Mackay

Associate partner

Rick is an experienced manager working as COO and CIO for almost 20 years.  In between these roles ha has gained a lot of experience as an outside consultant/interim manager. From these jobs he has been able to build extensive experience in changing organizations to create cost-effective and future proof operations. Complex environments where change is continuous are his favorite habitat. 

His ability to ‘think conceptually but implement pragmatically’ enables him to help organizations and teams forward and deliver the value they need. His key skills are pragmatism, result-orientation with a consensus directed attitude and a strong helicopter view. 

Whenever the pressure is high, Rick is able to stay calm and keep everyone focused on the tasks at hand, organizing the work in such a way that every employee can excel in his/her expertise. 

In the last few years, he has focused his activities increasingly on enabling ‘digital business’ through the creation of Data platforms in the cloud, robotics, AI/ML. Setting strategy vision beyond the current horizon, helps the engineers to think the unthinkable. This is needed to create innovations that work.

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