"It Starts and Ends with the Customer"


Mathias Pagels Fick

Management Consultant

Mathias is an enthusiastic, bold and patient business and market oriented professional. Mathias has a very deep understanding of and experience from Modularization, Variant Handling, Commercial Operations and Product Platforms. 

Mathias has worked 10 years with Scania as a customer and started by working closely with Christian Levin in 2008. He has worked with the Scania importers, dealers, salesforce and customers and their connections for many years. During 8 years he lived and worked in France, Italy, Switzerland and Benelux. Mathias is fluent in Swedish, English and French.​

Mathias communicates easily at different levels of the organization, from salesmen, blue collar and customers to training & advising CxO:s and management teams. He creates impact, both by setting direction and by realizing the change throughout the organization.​

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