“Business innovation through teamwork.”


Joachim Vandecasteele

Head of Delivery | Management Consultant

Joachim is an all-round manager and advisor with a passion for IT business innovation and organizational improvement. In various business and IT roles, he has accomplished IT innovation and professionalization, both nationally and internationally. He is the leader of high performance teams. He likes complex business and IT issues and organizations that are in need of short-term improvement.

Joachim starts by assessing the business strategy and business case and considers all stakeholders involved. He then contacts them, clearly communicates the goal, and initiates actions to implement the strategy. He is customer-oriented and driven by a natural care for people and focus on teamwork. Joachim works from his broad experience in IT for finding business solutions that truly deliver added value. He is a passionate sportsman looking for new challenges on the marathon, trail and triathlon.

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