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About Suzanne

Suzanne’s background in international business administration and business information management unites her passions for organisation, strategy, and the creation of business value through data and IT. She dove in the world of strategy and policy by focusing on data quality, data management, and data governance. Her roles as management assistant at MYOMY do goods and studymanager at SlimStuderen provided her with the perfect practical base for the development of a diverse skillset. She has got strong analytical abilities and is experienced in the initiation and guidance of several IT-and efficiency improvement initiatives.

The theoretical and practical knowledge gained during her education programs provide a suitable base for application of knowledge in practice; Suzanne has gained ample experience in the field of organizational change over the past years.

With her inquisitive and energetic personality, she approaches problems with a fresh outlook. She enjoys working in teams and solving complex problems.

„High quality data, combined with the right capabilities, can be of great value to organizations.“

Suzanne Louis

The Netherlands

+31 657268679